What My Youth Club Means To Me

“For years I’ve wanted a place to escape from the stresses of home. I’ve always seen other communities with youth clubs and I’ve been envious. When I saw an advert for the youth club here in my school I was extremely excited to go and ever since my first night I’ve been trying to get more people to come. I love this youth club because I can talk to the leaders about problems I have, plus I meet new friends and have surprisingly interesting discussions about quantum physics and the fabric of reality – just ask Cara (our responsible leader!).
The youth club really benefits me, my friends and the community – in a nutshell, everyone. Times are really tough now and I know things are changing, so with a youth club for people like me to come to it is a real privilege. Usually we play a version of tag called last man standing or pool, cooking, art, gaming, crafting, sports and lots more. I don’t actually go to the typical school most of us go to but I still managed to make friends. We’re a really varied youth club with equality, just like on the song ‘Equality street’ 😀 All in all, this is a great place, and with more support from the government it’ll be even better.
Joel – Glenfield Youth Centre, Member