Time Just To Be Young…

Our groups have been in existence for 10 years now, and we’re now in our second year of funding from Children In Need.

The groups have changed in composition during the year, which has strengthened the ethos rather than dilute it, with residentials providing a good platform for team building.
This is an excellent project with young people benefiting from time to just be young, having fun and gaining a respite from their responsibilities. Evaluation undertaken with the group has prompted comments such as:

Vox Pops…
Interviewer (one of the group): “How has the group changed your life?”
Group member: “I think I’m taller! Ha! I have more friends and people to talk to.”

I think the best evidence of how the group members view their participation was the self-referral that took place earlier in the year. One of the existing group members recognised a school friend – someone who had the role of a young carer – then mediated between the group leader and the friend to gain them a place. He is now a regular member and gaining the valuable support needed.
We will need to focus this year on continuing this group and seeking additional funding with the support of Young Leicestershire

Andy Oughton – Group Leader, Eyres Monsell Young Carers Group