Melton Club Voices

“I feel the kids need to have activities to promote there creativity and experience new ideas for the future.”
Shirley Graham – Melton Mowbray youth club leader

The kids of Melton Mowbray need these clubs and activities so that they can express and enjoy themselves freely in a safe and comfortable environment
Tina Given – Melton Mowbray youth club leader

“This youth club is amazing, everyone enjoys it. Everyone gets along and looks forward its very happy and everyone loves it.”
Elarna-Jade, Cove club member

“My boys have just started to attend this group and they loved it so any funding anyone could give towards this project is needed. The workers who run this group are fantastic – they need all the support they can get to keep this project running.”
Janey Branstone-Spong

“I fully support the youth clubs of Melton and believe that they are a worthy cause for any funding available to them. Without support, the clubs are not sustainable which in turn leads to young people who have nowhere to go. People will then be quick to report anti-social behaviour purely on the grounds of young people ‘hanging around’ in the community, who are not necessarily causing any trouble whatsoever! Well done and keep up the good work to all those involved.”
Julia Thomas

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