Active Youth Programme – Get Active in Lockdown!


Equipment Grant Opportunity – Active Youth

You will need:
• 15 young people per group, including a leader Aged 10 to 25
• The young leader (volunteer) who will need to complete an entry level Youth Achievement Award
• To complete an entry and exit evaluation with all the young people taking part, also a register – we will provide the necessary paperwork for you to complete the programme
Your Project:
• Any kind of activity – programme will run over 6 hours – so 3 hours over 2 sessions or 1 hr over 6 sessions (led by young leader), it’s up to you…

Just Dance
Walking group

You will need to submit a project idea to us – keep it simple, it’s not the Olympics!

You will get:
• For each successful project, the group can claim £200.00 in chosen sports equipment from Amazon + £50 for a celebration event – paid and ordered on completion and return of all paperwork to us

Send us an email to with:
• Start date and end date of your project
• Named young leader, that will plan, prepare and deliver (supported by group) the programme
• What is your activity idea?

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