Young Leicestershire

Our vision
Encourage young people in Leicester and Leicestershire to be safe, confident and successful.

What We Do

Young Leicestershire is the biggest provider of open-access clubs for young people in Leicester and Leicestershire with over 27,639 members now attending our network of affiliated groups.

We are passionate about providing young people with the widest possible range of positive activities – which we achieve through leading and supporting voluntary-sector services.

We support and help raise funds for everything from sports clubs and young carers’ groups to accredited volunteer training and new youth centres. Our partnerships are wide and varied…

  • Parish Councils – delivering youth work in rural areas of Leicestershire
  • Detached Youth – Supporting the PREVENT strategy:
    Helping implement effective actions that will make Leicester/Leicestershire communities safer. This reduces the risk from, terrorism and violent extremism so that the people of Leicester and Leicestershire can go about their business freely and with confidence.
  • SEND – supporting young people with Special educational needs and Disabilities to access their local communities
  • East Midlands Network Lead for Centre for Youth Impact – helping to work collaboratively, to progress thinking and practice in impact measurement in youth work and provision for young people.

With over 70 years’ experience behind us, and professional expertise that’s recognised as unmatched in our field, Young Leicestershire is run entirely as a charitable organisation.

These are difficult times in the field of youth provision, not just in Leicester and Leicestershire but nationwide – which makes it all the more vital to plan and work effectively, to make optimal use of available funds and resources.

“Giving young people the chance to participate in a variety of activities, to gain new friends and broaden their own personal development.” Baroness Hazel Byford, President, Young Leicestershire

We Support and Help Raise Funds for all Kinds of Groups

INCLUDING: Young Carers Groups, Groups for young people with disabilities, Uniform Groups,  Young Peoples Services, Phoenix Children’s Charity, Warriors Basketball, Boys Brigade and rural youth provision.

We’re committed in providing, young people with the widest possible range of positive activities – which we achieve through leading and supporting voluntary-sector services. Everything we do is dedicated to supporting young people to achieve their full potential.

"Like many young people that come to the club I started volunteering at the junior club, and then became a member of staff at the age of eighteen. I went on to complete my NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Youth Work and I have completed an NVQ Level 3 in Management (Technical Certificate). I am now the Deputy Centre Manager and I am responsible for all of the face-to-face youth work sessions as well as the co-ordinator for all the volunteers." - Paul Carlton EMCYP

Some of Young Leicestershire’s Achievements

Formed in 1951 as the Leicestershire Association of Boys’ Clubs, we’ve since greatly expanded our brief! In order to take inspiration for future projects, it’s worth looking back at some of our achievements, over the last 10 years. We have  developed partnerships with Parish Councils to develop, new youth provision in rural areas. Hinckley Borough Council and Hinckley Club for Young People to secure, build and develop a £4.5 million pound state-of-art youth centre. Secured funding from the Football Foundation to deliver multi sports programmes. Expanded our Young Carers’ Groups with funding from the Big Lottery and Lloyds TSB Foundation. Began developing street based projects around the Prevent agenda.

Young Leicestershire is the biggest provider of youth provision in Leicester and Leicestershire with

young people now attending our network of affiliated groups

Girl guides supports

young women per year

St Phillips Centre delivers a variety of services, across diverse communities to

young people

Our prevent detached workers engaged with over

young people within the first 6 months of the project, and continue to build on this

Young Leicestershire’s directly commissioned services’ supported

young people in the last year alone. The projects included; SEND, Young Carers, street and centre based activities

In partnership with UK Youth and UPS, we delivered a road code project to

13 to 19 year olds

To date, our nationally accredited Passport to Volunteering training has supported

volunteers – adults and young people

Fun Fact:

If we take the average height of a young person (163.8cm), times that by the number of young people in attendance, lay them all head-to-toe from the office …They would reach the North Pole!