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Leicester Rape Crisis to inform you of a new young people’s workshop we have developed and will be rolling out to schools and youth clubs in your area.

Leicester Rape Crisis is an organisation that supports women and girls who are victims of rape, sexual violence and sexual abuse.

We have developed a workshop named S.H.U.S.H (speaking honestly 2 understand sexual harassment).  This is a bespoke package that can be suited to your needs. We can offer the session to two age groups 13-16 years and 16+.

Topics that will be discussed include:

·         Facts and figures around sexual harassment

·         Consent

·         Sharing sexual images, peer pressure and unwanted sexual attention

·         Unhealthy relationships

·         Unrealistic expectations – the impact of porn on young people

·         Grooming and CSE

·         Sexual abuse and sexual violence

·         How to stay safe

·         Where to get help and advice

This is a FREE, 3-hour training course, that can be delivered in a way that suits your organisation.

For example;

  • 1 session with a short break
  • 3 sessions at 1 hr per session
  • 6 sessions at 40 minute per sessions

If this is something you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact Cara Perry (Youth Engagement Officer) on 0116 2555962 ext.4 or email:

Youth Engagement Officer

Leicester Rape Crisis

Jasmine House S.H.U.S.H. (1)


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